beurer GL 44, GL 50, GL 50 evo blood glucose test strips 50 pieces


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50 blood glucose test strips for use with GL44, GL50 and GL50 evo

  • under filling detection: measurement only in the case of a sufficiently large blood sample
  • cans with Fresh seal
  • Certified test strip quality (continual testing*)
  • code free
  • Open max. 90 days (to expiry date)
  • 2 boxes each with 25 test strips for use with Beurer blood sugar measuring device GL44 / GL50 / GL50 evo
  • storage: temperature: +4°C up to +40°C, humidity: 10% to 85%, do not store in the refrigerator
  • operating: temperature: +10°C to +40°C, humidity: 10% to 85%

*control of the repeatability precision at LabConsult®, Freiburg, Germany