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ISBN 978-3-8304-8329-8
Title Book Calorie & Nutritional Value Table
Author TRIAS-Verlag
Edition 4 edition (21. October 2015)
Pages 200

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no weighing, No calculator will Convert exchange rate –

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Single cheese slices or grapes weigh, to calculate the calorie content per Serving? Not necessary! This is because these table shows the nutritional information for 1 Serving and 100 g of a food at a glance. Well-articulated food groups, the bar, the practical handle and the coloured guidance system to facilitate rapid access

  • basic foods and brand products in addition to a variety of basic foodstuffs, Actimel, Duplo, Pizza and co. show here, what's in them.
  • more Than 25,000 nutrients in addition to calories, fat and fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals you can find materials here, the energy density – THE measure.
  • Vegetarian & vegan For those who like it "without an animal", there is an extra section for vegetarian and vegan products.


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